Cobblestone Tileset

Cobblestone Tileset


This is a complete cobblestone tileset featuring all possible tile combinations with several alternatives. It has two sizes, 128x128 and 64x64. 32x32 can be generated from 64x64 as the cobbles cannot be larger than that version. There are two alternative grass textures. It is also possible to use it with transparent background.

This tileset uses the template from:

Cobblestone texture: 

Grass texture 1:

Grass texture 2:

 EDIT: changed preview so that it will not scale.

Attribution Instructions: 
Tileset by Cem Kalyoncu Textures by Lamoot and West
cobbleset-64.png cobbleset-64.png 185.9 Kb [3177 download(s)]
cobbleset-128.png cobbleset-128.png 544.3 Kb [2504 download(s)]
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