The mana world:Forest Tileset

The mana world:Forest Tileset



32x32 tileset

I worked with a talented artist with the screen name Saphy on this tileset. This was also one of the first full tilesets I've ever collaborated on. (so It might have a few issues, I'll try and fix it up eventually)

Its inspired by Daniel Cook's work and is not true pixel art



forestground06dv5.png forestground06dv5.png 511.9 Kb [11016 download(s)]
watertileset3qb2tg0.png watertileset3qb2tg0.png 95.3 Kb [8644 download(s)]
big_tree_bshadow.png big_tree_bshadow.png 67.6 Kb [7587 download(s)]
plant2.png plant2.png 21 Kb [7682 download(s)]
treetrunk2006bu8.png treetrunk2006bu8.png 31.2 Kb [7429 download(s)]