Animated OpenGameArt Splash Screen

Animated OpenGameArt Splash Screen

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Sara is healed from stone status and proceeds to summon the OGA logo before fading away.

  • oga-source.xcf is the fully expanded layers that I worked with to generate the animation.
  • oga.xcf is the splash animation in layers so you can easily export it to whatever format best suits you.
  • oga.png is the splash animation as a tiled png. The upper-left 408x47 is the first frame, the second frame directly below it, the 16th frame directly right of it.  The final frame is the bottom-right 408x47.
  • contains all of these files plus oga.mng, an mng version of the splash animation.

Whichever way you use it, it's intended to be centered on a black screen with a 100ms delay between frames.

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Must link back to the page on OpenGameArt.Org where you got my art in your credits and cite my name and if applicable the names of any contributing artists.
oga_source.xcf oga_source.xcf 296.6 Kb [52 download(s)]
oga.xcf oga.xcf 233.8 Kb [49 download(s)]
oga.png oga.png 74.9 Kb [184 download(s)] 220.4 Kb [72 download(s)]