Arkana-FTS GUI

Arkana-FTS GUI


Hi guys,

We were not sure when to publish our GUI pieces but the contest changed our mind :)

Sorry for the preview being in jpg format, I cound not upload the png because of a few kbytes too much. :-(

So, here is our building kit for medieval GUIs. There are 34 ready-to-use GUI elements already defined for CEGUI.
This GUI has originally been drawn from scratch (Except the tooltip) by moOshiE for the game "Arkana-FTS".
The CEGUI configuration files have been written by Pompei2 for the game "Arkana-FTS".

If you use this, please give credits to moOshiE and a link to the Arkana-FTS project ( Please keep it's name "ArkanaLook", thank you.

Licensed under CC-BY-SA

PS: We still have to make a better tooltip, when it's ready I will update this entry.

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