Armor Icons 32x32 px (painterly)

Armor Icons 32x32 px (painterly)


In addition to the weapons I posted earlier today ( , I have also some armor icons flying around. This time its not a complete set, but I hope its useful anyway.

Total: 21 icons:

  • plate
  • chain
  • cloth
  • leather
  • 3 necklaces
  • 3 rings.


Update by request:

Added transparent png-Files. Attention: Some icons may look wrong without the black background, because they have some transparency in them, and "use" the black from behind.

Added also xcf-Gimp files. Most of them are just with two layers (icon/background) but some have details on different layers (like jewels on the necklaces) to make the creation of variations a little bit easier.

File(s): 47.1 Kb [1806 download(s)] 52.6 Kb [2795 download(s)] 75 Kb [1255 download(s)]