Art competition entries in; code has competition begun

Art competition entries in; code has competition begun

I'm happy to say that the art competition has wrapped up beautifully. And that also means: the code phase of the competition has begun! Coders, start your engines.

We got a bunch of really great art entries in this release. You can view the list of entries here, or if you'd like to peruse all the files locally (perhaps so you can more easily incorporate them into your game?), you can download an archive of all entries here (mirror 1, mirror 2, mirror 3).

We hoped to get a lot of entries that managed to match the style but also do interesting, useful, and varied things. I'm happy to say that this happened. Here's some interesting samples (note this is NOT an indication of quality of entries or pre-judging, but selected as a sample of variety of style) from various entries, showing the massive variety of work we got:

We got entries that could be useful for different types of game genres, such as this farming set:

farming preview image

We got entries for different thematic genres (but still generally matching the style!) as this scifi set:

scifi preview image

We got a wide variety of character designs, and even some new animations:

leather armor guy dark skinned knight robed skeleton spellcast female walking professor walk cycle

We even got er… toilet tilesets. :)

toilets preview image

On top of this there are new characters, character animations, new environments and landscapes, houses, items, UI elements… the list goes on and on.

With all these cool things to look at and play with, there's one major thing that still needs to happen: we need people to build games with these things! So that leads to the question: are you a game developer, or capable of being a useful member of a game development team? Then you should dive in and get involved today! Grab the archive, check out the style guide, read the rules… then get to building games! We look forward to seeing your entry!