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Code judging is in!

It's been a long, long time in coming, but I'm happy to announce that we finally have the code results in. More to say on that front, but first let's announce the winners:

LPC code judging near wrapup, help wrapup difficult to build games

Hiya all,

Well there's no doubt that this blogpost is well past due, but in case you're wondering, yes, we're very near wrapping up judging.  In fact: we expect to have judging wrapped up next week.

However, there's a problem: some games are really hard to build.  Yours might be among them!  Please visit this thread and help us build your game if it's a difficult one to build.  If your game is on that list you have one week to help us build it.

Liberated Pixel Cup art winners announced!

Hello all! It's been a long time in coming (longer than it should have been!) but the art judging is in. We're floored by the quality (and quantity!) of submissions, and choosing winners wasn't easy for our judges. There's a bit we'd like to say on that below, but that said, we know what you're all waiting for, which is to hear the results! So let's get straight to that first, shall we?

Properly licensing your Liberated Pixel Cup game entry

So you're working on your Liberated Pixel Cup game entry submission. To ensure that LPC games remain free for everyone to use, we have some fairly strict rules around licensing. We've put together this guide to help you make sure you properly comply with licensing for Liberated Pixel Cup. These things aren't just important for entering into Liberated Pixel Cup, they're also generally good policy!

The following commands and advice assume you're working from the toplevel directory of your code repository / package, so keep that in mind!

Art competition entries in; code has competition begun

I'm happy to say that the art competition has wrapped up beautifully. And that also means: the code phase of the competition has begun! Coders, start your engines.

LPC Finances

We finally wrapped up the finances of the Liberated Pixel Cup. Several people have asked: where did the money go? That's a fair question! In fact, I have kept very careful financial records since the start of the project using some wonderful software called ledger. It was my original intent to relelease the entire ledger file to the public, but one large donor asked us to not disclose their exact amount, so instead in the interest of transparency I'll break down some of the expenses information.