bold boxy fat font

bold boxy fat font

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I took Clint and usr_share's font, made it one pixel wider and added an extra row to the bottoms of the characters to give it a 'fat bottom' look.

I also hand stretched the font 2x in height to create a 'tall' variant.

Finally, I added a base and tip to the 1, mostly to make all the numbers monospaced, but also because I just like 1's that way. :)

Dimensions should generally be 8x8, and 8x16 for the tall version, although a few characters (M, W, ...) are 9 pixels wide, and some are only 7 pixels wide (most of the lower case letters).


Also included for good measure are several fill styles I created in various colors. They are:

'gradient' - a smooth gradient I created using GIMP 'Cool Metal' filter

'edged' - a simple edge treatment I created by hand

'aa' - an attempt to give the font a more 'rounded' look via hand drawn anti-aliasing

        (don't think this came out all too well, but including anyway)


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