Characters, Zombies, and Weapons. Oh My!

Characters, Zombies, and Weapons. Oh My!

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EDIT (As of 9/28/2016) -

Hello Everyone! I've decided to release my character sprites under CC0 Public Domain.  I hope that everyone will add new hair styles, accessories and items and share them with the community (obviously not required under CC0).  I thought it would be the least I can do for all the support I've had here.  Enjoy!

It's the season of giving, so I thought I'd give an update of my character sprites.  You'll notice some important changes in this release. 

1) I decided to release the sprites under CC-BY-3.0.  This will allow people to freely use my art for any games.  I still polietly ask that no one uses the sprites in a zombie related game for Android or iOS. Other than that, please recreate, add, and share as your heart desires. (Remember, all you are required to do is to attribute me.)

2) Gimp should be downloaded to use my assets effectively.  I've gotten to the point where I have too many assets to deal with, so it's hard to upload png files of everything in an organized way.  You can download Gimp here:

3) I combined my zombie assets with my character assets.  Now you can create millions of zombies, all who look different. :)

4) I've started to add weapons and items to the characters.  These assets are from Crawl:

5) The Character Bases are now split up into body parts.  This makes the art a lot more dynamic and changeable.  However.. it can also make the building of characters confusing.  Sorry if it frustrates you in any way.

P.S. -Any help or added assets to this collection would be much appreciated

Have fun! UUURRRG!!! 


Extra Notes: (Don't need to read if you don't want to.)

-If you want assets in other colors than the ones given, use the Gimp function "Colorize".  You can duplicate layers, then recolor them to make billions of color combinations.  You can even make green, purple, blue people if you wanted (example in preview animation).  

-Weapons have essentially 2 layer groups: Front and Behind.  I needed to split these up so the weapons would go with all assets smoothly. Also.. weapons are split up into Right/Left hands. If you have a torch in the right hand, make sure that the righthand torch is also clicked for the  behind layer.

-These assets will be updated every now and again. I will make certain to clarify when a new version is out.



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None needed, public domain. (As of 9/28/16)
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