Come Around (Acoustic song with vocals)

Come Around (Acoustic song with vocals)

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This is a song I released ten years ago, it garnered millions of downloads, sold ridiculously well and topped many online charts for months on end. I actually think it is way too poppy and half regret ever writing it.

 It features my friends Zev, Kat and Brian, but I own the rights and hereby release it as creative commons share alike. It was recorded in 2003 in Melbourne Australia.

This is a bit of an experiment, up until now I've only been releasing electronic songs without any lyrics, things which sound gamey. I personally would love to see more acoustic songs in games, so I am testing the waters to see if there is any demand for acoustic or lyrical songs amongst game devs.

So let me know if you use this or want more, I have 12 released albums worth, and hundreds of unreleased songs as well. Moreover, I am sure the pool of musicians producing this kind of music is much larger than those producing chip tunes.  Enjoy!

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