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DAVE Music

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Back in around 2003-2004 I think a friend of mine was making a game, it never got made but while going through my old hard drive I found all the tracker music I made for it. It's a little rough around the edges and during the conversion process (to .ogg) some of the volume control on the individual channels got wiped out so apologies if it gets loud in places or if the individual instruments used sound different on modern days machines etc. Anyway go ahead and use it.

Also remember that these are conversions of the original MOD and S3M files so they were self looping and will probably tail off at the end if the pattern ended halfway.

A Penguin Like You: For the ice level, the first 1:16 is the level music at which point it cuts to the battle music for the stage, in case you're wondering why it changes so drastically.

Colinesian Meadows: Same deal, first 2:10 is the level music at which point it changes to battle.

DAVE: Title music, first one I ever made.

DAVE-topia: Final Level music.

Richard Nixon Finally figures out the true meaning of Christmas: The Credits music

A Penguin Like You.ogg A Penguin Like You.ogg 2.3 Mb [77 download(s)]
ColinesianMeadows.ogg ColinesianMeadows.ogg 3 Mb [70 download(s)]
DAVE.ogg DAVE.ogg 1.3 Mb [65 download(s)]
DAVE-topia.ogg DAVE-topia.ogg 1.8 Mb [63 download(s)]