Defender, a 6DOF space shooter

Defender, a 6DOF space shooter

About a year ago I made a model of the Descent ship. Then I started mucking around with Blender's internal game engine. 6 months ago I started work in earnest for a new 6DOF space ship shooter in the style of descent.

I am working with a few other people at this stage, and am happy to work with more (if any of you are keen) in particualr I am looking for a concept artist.

I suppose you want to see some image, well, I won't dissapoint. Most of these are a little old, but show the sort of gam it is like.


THe training mission is set in antarctica. This is the base you are operating from


The player ship in 3D


The main player craft as an orthographic

There are a few ingame shots, but they are so old that it doesn't give a good impression. I'm make some new ones soon and post them.


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