Endgame: Singularity

Endgame: Singularity


This is an OST for a game Endgame: Singularity - a cyberpunk simulation of an AI trying to survive in the harsh human world. The style is dark ambient tracker music with mostly synthesized FM sound instead of samples.

Made in Psycle tracker, .psy sources are available on the web page. You will probably need some free VST plugins like Drumatic VE to render it in Psycle.

Preview generated with https://github.com/qubodup/ogatools

Update 2021-02-05 by qubodup: Psycle music sources added from singularity-0.28a-win.zip as endgame-singularity-music-src.7z with permission. Seems to not work in Psycle 1.12 beta, but does work in Psycle

coherence.ogg coherence.ogg 4.8 Mb [311 download(s)]
awakening.ogg awakening.ogg 4 Mb [324 download(s)]
advanced simulacra.ogg advanced simulacra.ogg 6 Mb [281 download(s)]
mediathreat.ogg mediathreat.ogg 7.2 Mb [372 download(s)]
deprecation.ogg deprecation.ogg 5.6 Mb [810 download(s)]
inevitable.ogg inevitable.ogg 5.2 Mb [286 download(s)]
by-product.ogg by-product.ogg 6.1 Mb [284 download(s)]
win.ogg win.ogg 2.2 Mb [561 download(s)]
lose.ogg lose.ogg 370.1 Kb [218 download(s)]
lose2.ogg lose2.ogg 524.9 Kb [349 download(s)]
SingularityOST.7z SingularityOST.7z 42 Mb [649 download(s)]
endgame-singularity-music-src.7z endgame-singularity-music-src.7z 785.6 Kb [41 download(s)]