FontMapper - font texture generator

FontMapper - font texture generator

Hi people, I'm not sure if this is the right subforum to post this to
so feel free to move it, but I think I made a tool that could be of
use (or could be improved to be of use:p).

I entered university recently and had to write a small project in Java,
and since I'm working on a game (not in Java :p) that needed font drawing
and I found using FreeType a major PITA I decided to use bitmap fonts,
but, bitmap fonts work like a 256x256 texture of 16x16 glyphs, i.e.
monospace and useless for anything other than english.

So I wrote a simple font texture generator that packs glyphs as close
as possible and outputs a text file with glyphs' sizes, texcoords etc.
Also supports all UCS-2 characters (Basic Multilingual Plane of UTF-16).
(not UTF-32 for now, unfortunately).

Also has various features like antialiasing, output color format, font size/style etc.
Spits out PNG files.

Right it can only be used from CLI, it might or might not get a GUI
(uni project is satisfied and I wrote it mostly for my own use, and
find it useful enough).

Tarball contains a simple C++ example on how to use generated textures
with SDL/OpenGL but documentation needs work.

Anyway, the project is here:
and you can download it here:

Any comments appreciated :)