Friday Challenge Apr 23, 2010: To The Stars

Friday Challenge Apr 23, 2010: To The Stars

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Osmic, winner of last week's challenge, suggested this:

"I don't know if this is the apporpriate place to suggest for the next FC theme, but I was thinking anything that could be found in space e.g. space ships, asteroids, planets etc. I think there's some demand for these type of assets."

So let's go with winner's choice!  This week's challenge is "To The Stars".

Not into space/scifi?  Remember, not everything alien or in space needs to be high tech.  Look at the adobe style villages on Tatooine, or the classic fantasy stylings of D&D's Astral Sea.  Why not a steam-powered space frigate, or an interstellar race of dragons?

  • Remember, all media types are welcome: 2D, 3D, Music, even Writing
  • Tag your entry with "Friday Challenge" and "To The Stars"
  • Entries are due by the end of the day Friday, Apr 23, 2010