Horn Head model

Horn Head model

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This is a model I made based on a creature concept by Kasia88 for the game Ancient Beast

I made it after reading this forum post

The main model is 1964 Verticies but with all the chains and hooks included it is boosted to almost 14k polyies so this model is best to be rendered as images then to be used as is in a game, though the 2k poly base is not too bad. If a better modeller than me could get it down to a much nicer poly count then that would be great.

I never usually do complex models but I was quite pleased with how this came out and hopefully my topology won't make you cry too much, its far better than my usual standard I think :P

This model has not been unwrapped or textured.


EDIT: Unfortunately I made a mistake with the licensing as Dread Knight pointed out, the licenses they were using was actually CC-BY-SA 3.0 for artwork which I hadn't noticed! sorry for the mistake.

Please now make sure you credit Kasia88 and Ancient Beast as well as me if you use this model.

Again sorry for the mess up,

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hey please credit me as either 'Scribe' or 'Daniel Stephens' or both if you can, you must credit Kasia88 who created the concept and credit Ancient Beast as it is their game. I'm sure a link back to 'opengameart.org' would be appreciated.
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