Human Heart

Human Heart

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Hey again,

I thought it might be nice to have a human heart model for a beating heart GUI's on gorry/realistic game health bars or to find in-game, it's up to you!

The is a very basic model and there are probably a lot of major arteries missing and none of the inside mechanics have been modelled so it's pretty useless in terms of being medically acurate.

It has 657 veticies but it could be quite easily reduced if the model was being used as a model, though I more intended this to be rendered as a GUI visulisation of the characters health etc, but feel free to do with it as you wish.

It is not unwrapped and I have just applied a cloud textures to it to give the colour some variation.

This is a quick demonstration of the animation I've made for it.

Attribution is not necessary however it's always nice!


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hey, if you credit me please use either 'Scribe' or 'Daniel Stephens' or both and I'm sure a link back to '' would be appreciated as well though credit is not necessary.
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