Improvements to collections

Improvements to collections

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We made some improvements to art collections today.

Until now, there's been no way to distinguish between a personal collection (like "art for my game") or a public collection (like "3D models of cars").  From here on, when you make a collection, you can choose whether to make that collection public or unlisted.  Note that unlisted collections are not private.  It's still possible for people to see them; they just don't show up on the main collections list.

For the time being, we're setting all game project and personal collections with less than five favorites to unlisted.  This may or may not be what people actually want; if you prefer, you can edit your collections and change it back yourself.  We don't mind.  But the fact is, there are a fair number of small collections that have gone untouched for a long time, so we're trying to clean out some of the older, unmaintained stuff.

One other note, we've made some improvements to the collections list.  It's now possible to see (and sort by) how many items a collection contains, and how recently the colleciton was updated.  Unfortunately, since we added a new field to collections, they were all bulk updated today, so the "latest update" field won't be useful for a little while.  :)