Interceptor spaceship concept art

Interceptor spaceship concept art

(Submitted by mirex)
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Our team - Mirex, Siiilon, Psycho - was trying to make a space shooter game (tyrian or xenon - like). Our work stopped soon, at stage of first art concepts and first game demo.

Then our team ceased to exist. If someone would put up the art to good use I would be happy. Art is created by Siiilon.

There are few concepts of ships, some examples of the game graphics, and concepts of gameplay.

launchHud1.jpg launchHud1.jpg 75 Kb [189 download(s)]
launchHud2.jpg launchHud2.jpg 88.2 Kb [140 download(s)]
marsFlight.jpg marsFlight.jpg 88.8 Kb [99 download(s)]
marsFly.jpg marsFly.jpg 122.5 Kb [68 download(s)]
marsFly1.jpg marsFly1.jpg 120.3 Kb [81 download(s)]
marsFly2.jpg marsFly2.jpg 289.4 Kb [91 download(s)]
marsFly3.jpg marsFly3.jpg 376.6 Kb [87 download(s)]
marsKomplex.jpg marsKomplex.jpg 332.4 Kb [95 download(s)]
marswelcomescreen1vi2.jpg marswelcomescreen1vi2.jpg 99.1 Kb [62 download(s)]
paralaxkoncept1aq1.jpg paralaxkoncept1aq1.jpg 82.1 Kb [129 download(s)]
ShipConcept-manta1a.jpg ShipConcept-manta1a.jpg 47.2 Kb [178 download(s)]
ShipConcept-manta1b.jpg ShipConcept-manta1b.jpg 52.4 Kb [87 download(s)]
ShipConcept-murene1a.jpg ShipConcept-murene1a.jpg 118.2 Kb [81 download(s)]
ShipConcept-murene1b.jpg ShipConcept-murene1b.jpg 118.3 Kb [70 download(s)]
ShipConcept-ravencraft.jpg ShipConcept-ravencraft.jpg 8.6 Kb [260 download(s)]
ShipConcept-runner1a.jpg ShipConcept-runner1a.jpg 56.8 Kb [99 download(s)]
ShipConcept-runner1b.jpg ShipConcept-runner1b.jpg 55.8 Kb [73 download(s)]
ShipConcept-shark1a.jpg ShipConcept-shark1a.jpg 56.1 Kb [163 download(s)]
ShipConcept-shark1b.jpg ShipConcept-shark1b.jpg 52.5 Kb [143 download(s)]