Isometric Gardening Tiles - Dirt & Wheat

Isometric Gardening Tiles - Dirt & Wheat

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Part of a Isometric 32x32 set I'm working on for fun while at work. You will need to get the alpha in yourself as I only have access to an old version of Paint at work.

Inspired by farming games like Harvest Moon.


Gif shows example of Wheatgrowth using dirt with day time shading

Other gif shows dirt during different times of day. Its designed that tiles would be placed on top of each other.

Works well in programs like Construct 2.


Wheat and Dirt have been seperated into Sprite sheets. The wheat has 7 cells aranged in a 3x3 grid of 32x32 pixels. The dirt a 1x3 grid of 32x32 pixels.

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