Last Escape -- Reddit Game Jam entry

Last Escape -- Reddit Game Jam entry

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This is a COMPILE ONLY version.  If you can't compile it yourself, please wait for the binaries, which we'll post here ASAP. :)

Last Escape is HARDCORE.  Don't expect it to be easy.  There are five levels total, and if you're going to get through them, you have to play carefully and kill enemies to collect their drops, 10 of which give you an extra life.  Please let us know what you think!

UPDATE:  Windows files are here (with binary)

Just download, unzip, and run. :)


GitHub link (contians new changes):


Credit for this idea goes to Xiphias3, who mentioned it in our IRC channel, #opengameart.  We assumed that it was a suggestion for the group, so we voted on it and went with it and had no idea that he was developing it independently.  If this looks very similar to the premise for another entry, that's the reason. :)