Leaf Pack

Leaf Pack

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These leafs are created by an application that I wrote for my masters. If you require more, I will gladly work on them. I can also send the application if you wish to experiment yourself. Some of them are modified rest is only fit to document size.

I have posted the application as well as my thesis related with it. It takes time to get used to the program. It is for designers with visual parameters. You may read Chapter 3 of the thesis for parameters and Section 5.7 for the user interface. If you run into any problem I will gladly try to answer them. As this system runs on pretty archaic version of my game engine, I will not be able to add new features until it is ported. Saved Leafs are saved to save folder, which contains samples (some of them are pretty old and does not work), exported leafs goes to svg folder.

 PS: I hope it is ok to post an application here. 

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