Low-poly Garage

Low-poly Garage

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A very low-poly building (less than 100 tris!) I created in Blender for use in the Ludum Dare 33rd Game Jam.

This asset is fully UV-unwrapped, textured, and normal mapped. It's a companion piece to the low-poly building asset also made by me, and was intended to hide spawning tanks (that I ran out of time and never ended up making).

The textures provided are setup for spec/gloss PBR shading, and will work 'out of the box' in Unity 5 (what I used). Textures were also made by me.

Zipfile contents are:

  • model in .FBX format (for size and portability)
  • Albedo, metal and normal maps in .PNg format at 512x512 resolution
  • preview image
  • below licence in text format

 For non-PBR engines, or for metal/rough workflows, some tweaking will be needed; if you do this, you should really upload your modification here to help others out :)

I went with the most permissive licence I could that lets anyone looking for assets for creating something do what they want with it and not have to worry about correct attributions, but I don't want people hoovering this up to make a quick buck on the unity asset store without at least having to tell people they sell to that it was available for free.

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