Monster sound tutorial

Monster sound tutorial

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Qubodup inspired me to do some tutorials for nice sound effect, this one requires your voice (you've gotta start loving your voice, really, mine sounds horrible, but with the amount of effects we are going to use in this tutorial your voice will not be reconizable!)

This tutorial was pre done in Audacity! so no money has to be spend (unles you don't have a mic!)

Step 1: Scream, grunt or moan at your mic, really, you want to have as much content as possible so you can delete whatever failed afterwards.

Step 2: Apply a vocoder, the one I used is available in a free sound effect plugin pack, should be in your repository! Don't change anything for now, just apply with default settings.

Step 3: Apply freeverb, or any reverb plugin you have handy.

Step 4: Slow down the tempo, this makes it slower! (I always find myself screaming to fast at the mic :P)

Step 5: Change pitch by -1 octave (or -12 semitones) This makes it sound really low!

Step 6: Normalize to -1 db. (qubodup noted that normalizing after the bass boost prevents clipping, you should probably do this if you like his version better, read comments for more information)

Step 7: Add bass boost.

There ya go, zombie sound effects ;), the secret is the vocoder really, but yeah, I really like the effect! I hope you do too ;).

Of course, you are free to use my sound effects, but I would really like if people would create it theirself, so they see that it's pretty easy (and fun) to make!


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Please provide a link to this submit if you are going to use the file I added. If you just use the tutorial to make your own sounds, then of course there is no credit needed!
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