Mozilla Joins as a Sponsor of the Liberated Pixel Cup

Mozilla Joins as a Sponsor of the Liberated Pixel Cup

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We are thrilled today to announce that Mozilla is joining Creative Commons, the Free Software Foundation, and OpenGameArt as a sponsor of Liberated Pixel Cup!  Mozilla has been a longtime leader in the development of free software and has recently been doing plenty of great things to push forward free software HTML5 gaming, including recent work on BrowserQuest and their new game engine Gladius. Mozilla is coming in with a lot of contributions to Liberated Pixel Cup, including a large financial contribution, expressed interest in providing assistance to the development portion (particularly in HTML5 games), and several other areas.

There are a lot of exciting pieces to this announcement.  The first is that Mozilla is going to be supporting Liberated Pixel Cup financially with a generous donation to help pay for the pre-contest artist commissions for the base artwork pack and style guide.

Mozilla will also be doing work to help promote HTML5 games in Liberated Pixel Cup.  Part of this will be in providing advisement to people asking questions about HTML5 game development.  Mozilla will also be using their Toronto and London offices for Liberated Pixel Cup events. There's another exciting announcement to be made along the lines of HTML5 games: with Mozilla joining, we will add a new HTML5 specific category to the code side of the contest.  (We won't be removing any of the categories, this is an addition.)  More news to come on the prizes and judging shortly.

We are extremely happy to have Mozilla join the team of sponsors of Liberated Pixel Cup.  There is a trend in technology that where games go, the  rest of technology follows.  We're now seeing more and more games moving into the HTML5 space, and so we're happy that in participating in Liberated Pixel Cup that Mozilla is continuing in its efforts to contribute to free software HTML5 gaming.

One more thing: Mozilla's generous contributions to Liberated Pixel Cup means we have exceeded our original goal of ten thousand dollars! Since we  are adding a new category for HTML5 games though, we'd like to bump up our goal by a bit.  This means we have less than a thousand dollars to go. Can you help us finish our fundraising?