MV Platformer Satyr (32x64)

MV Platformer Satyr (32x64)



Satyrs are woodland creatures with the upper body of a man and the legs, ears, and horns of a goat.  They are generally playful and mischievous, though they tend to be territorial and will attack men on sight.  Like any denizen of nature, they cannot abide the touch of iron, and instead fight with weapons of wood or stone.  The strongest satyrs are gifted in the art of Wind Magic, and can summon other woodland creatures to help them in battle.

Another platformer sprite, based on the MV Platformer Male sprite template.  Includes most of the same actions with the exception of the crouching frames (might add them in later).  Will be compatible with MV weapons (same hand positions as the template).

License is CC0 - do as you wish. Feedback or critique is always welcome.  Certainly not required, but I'd enjoy seeing it in the wild if anyone uses it - feel free to drop a link in the comments.

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