Neptunian Museum - Museum Model

Neptunian Museum - Museum Model

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"The Neptunian Museum is a small museum on the edge of the universe. No one knows how it arrived there, only that the contents of the museum constantly change with a seemingly infinite number of anonymous curators. Every time you walk in the door, the walls are adorned with a different set of art works.

Except you are not actually there, no, you are simply on a guided tour of the surreal museum on a computer monitor, all within the comfort of your own home."

For my final project in New Media, I created a virtual museum where you can explore to your heart's content and view the paintings inside. The paintings can be anything, just drop them in the folder and change the file name, and it'll appear in the museum. It's meant to alter the context in which the images are displayed to create an innovative way to display your portfolio.

The museum model is included in the .zip file, which contains a .png of the floor plans, the .dae, .mtl, .obj, .skb, .skp, and a couple unused blend files. And it's all open source! Use it in your game, change the layout of the museum, do whatever you want with it... With absolutely no restrictions!

You can download the game here, which also includes the source code:


Neptunian Neptunian 5.9 Mb [256 download(s)]