New original Grafx2 font collection

New original Grafx2 font collection

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Once again, I feel like it's time for me to upload some of my fonts that have been laying around on my hard drive onto this website.

This specific collection consists of the more "original" fonts, not based on or inspired by fonts from other video games.

The collection includes:

Generic monospaced fonts 4x8mono, 5x8mono and 5x10mono.

The 8x16 font used in the OpenAlchemist demake mockup, "Alchemist".

Eight 8px proportional fonts: handwriting (BitScript), generic sans (NeoSans), generic serif (Kronos) in regular and bold, alternative serif (Paris), compact sans (Ruthenia) in four variations, blackletter (Berlin), faux-Russian (Moscow) and faux-kana (Tokyo).

8x8 monospaced fonts: Cursive1, Cursive2 (sans with italic-like features, regular and bold), Formula (
"computer style"), Moor (propaganda poster stencil), Saikyo Black (a thick gradiented and shadowed sans), Solar (a short and narrow sans, in regular and outline), Techno (a demoscene-like font).

8x16 monospaced fonts: TechBreakNarrow (demoscene-like), TrioDX (bold serif), TrioDX2 (italicized serif).

12x16 monospaced: TechBreak (demoscene-like).

16x16 monospaced: Fight16 (rough brush-like serif).

Fonts London, Paris, Techno, Tokyo and TrioDX(2) are also provided as Windows bitmap fonts (.FON).

Also: Cursive and TrioDX2 have some of the lesser-used characters replaced with two-letter combinations that fit into the 8x16 grid.

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