North Wind (More music inside)

North Wind (More music inside)


Recently I picked up the archives with old (and not so old) music and decided to share it. Please enjoy =)

But unfortunately I haven't projects, and I can't change my works. Sorry for this.

This "archive" consists music in dark ambient style for old project "North Wind".

1.Unknown place.mp3 1.Unknown place.mp3 2.9 Mb [662 download(s)]
2.Dark Hall.mp3 2.Dark Hall.mp3 3.8 Mb [534 download(s)]
3.Not enough light.mp3 3.Not enough light.mp3 4.5 Mb [484 download(s)]
4.Blood on Walls.mp3 4.Blood on Walls.mp3 3.2 Mb [497 download(s)]
5.Walls and Lamps.mp3 5.Walls and Lamps.mp3 3.2 Mb [459 download(s)]
6.Don't close your eyes.mp3 6.Don't close your eyes.mp3 3.9 Mb [458 download(s)]
7.Keep fucking silence.mp3 7.Keep fucking silence.mp3 7.2 Mb [463 download(s)]
8.Breath behind you.mp3 8.Breath behind you.mp3 1.4 Mb [440 download(s)]
9.Don't look back.mp3 9.Don't look back.mp3 2.7 Mb [442 download(s)]
10.Electro-trap.mp3 10.Electro-trap.mp3 3.7 Mb [441 download(s)]
11.Metal Echos.mp3 11.Metal Echos.mp3 5.8 Mb [439 download(s)]
12.Madness steeps.mp3 12.Madness steeps.mp3 3.5 Mb [464 download(s)]