PagesOfAdventure: A top-down puzzle adventure

PagesOfAdventure: A top-down puzzle adventure

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We're working on the project: PagesOfAdventure.

What is it?

It's a top-down puzzle adventure set in a strange world. While playing you'll encounter several strange creatures, solve puzzles and walking through scenes.


What's the story?

It starts with a story about a writer who used to be succesfull but after a while his books became less populair and his publishers adviced him to retire early and stop writing books. But the writer was stubbern and starts writing one last book with an epic story that would appeal to all children.


How is it made?

It's made using java as programming language. It uses slick for rendering and nifty-gui for the menu and HUD. I must say I'm impressed about both the libraries. With nifty-gui you can easily make a hud or menu from a xml file.

And with slick it was easy to render the tiledmap the player etc.

For making the scenes we used Tiled which is a great map editor.

The artwork was made with Gimp.



I've already uploaded three art assets to OGA but a few more will defintly follow! Here are the thing I uploaded:



There's no musician in our team, that's why we used music from OGA.

We used these two files for background music:


Who's on the team:

We've got an artist. Currently he's working on his own project.

Then a friend of mine helped me with some scenes, descriptions, text etc.

Finally there's me, Edward Lii, I'm the lead programmer.


Here are some screenshots of the current release(0.1):