Pixel Art People

Pixel Art People

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This was a little group of people I did a while back for a small ai simulation. Made it before I realized I'm neither an artist nor a game programmer.

Anyway figured there was no use in hording it on my hard drive. Enjoy and use for your own purposes if you like.

The picture is a sample, and I'll include the GraphicsGale file along with it. All of it is unfinished and experimental so make sure to grab that too. Just pushing and playing with pixels.

I'll be uploading other WIP and unfinished stuff about once a day if anyone likes this set. Let me know if you find it useful. 


Edit: Just realized no one can see the preview because of the small size. I was working within certain constraints. Fix'd

body-base.zip body-base.zip 2.1 Kb [932 download(s)]