Platformer Art - misc. minor mods

Platformer Art - misc. minor mods


Like a lot of people here, I am in awe of all the great, free artiwork Kenney has produced. While making my first game Candy Grab, created as part of Candy Jam, I used Kenney's images quite extensively.

I made some modified versions of those graphics for my game, and since the originals were placed in the public domain I thought it would only be fair if the modifications were as well.

This upload features:

  • A new character, the blue alien king (wears a crown instead of the space helmet), with all the standard poses plus a death animation in which the crown disappears
  • The crown as a separate object
  • A full death animation for the yellow alien character
  • An image of that alien on the arrow-shaped sign graphic (I used it as a save point, but there are plenty of other uses)
  • A slightly smaller badge of the same character (one of the existing badges with outer circle removed, somewhat clumsily)
  • Versions of the chocolate cake ground artwork that feature the sprinkles from the cake platforms
  • A less tall version of the vanilla ice cream graphic
  • Darker colored versions of the spider enemy
  • Two small bars used in my game as parts of a health meter (not based upon Kenney's work, just very basic so thrown in as well)

Note that the preview file shows the images as smaller than they actually are. The actual graphics are the same size as Kenney's originals. They are all bitmaps, but there is a vector file of the alien king character included as well.

I know these modifications are basic, but they might be useful to someone, so here they are.

Attribution Instructions: 
Credit "" or ""; this is not mandatory. If the modified artwork is used prominently in your work it would also be nice if you could mention Dan Norder and/or Candy Grab in your credits. It's totally up to you how you measure prominence or if you do this at all.
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