Platformer sprites - character or base

Platformer sprites - character or base




Sometimes old apps can be very useful. this is proof.

while i was digging in the crates, i found an old promo copy of Poser. Poser is (now) widely known, very powerful and EXPENSIVE!!

I was wondering how would i make bases for my characters, provided the animations would have to be smooth, fit on 64px square grids, and be edited with moderate difficulty.

Well, here it is. This is only the sheet for base movements. the last animations (rolling, getting hit, lay down) are not identified but should be pretty easy to figure out. They were made with so few frames because for them i use the engine's built in rotation functions.

On a side note, belts and bracelets may be off-place or not there at all in a few frames. i'm going to remove those as soon as i get the equipment system in place, because it will allow to change clothes(armor), so the base garment should be as basic as possible, because the player will be able to choose the base color, and those accessories are in a completely saturated color, which would make the hue-shifting look weird and a bit psychedelic in some color combos. besides, adding small details to that base would prove a waste of time with our limited artist count (meee :p )


Enjoy, edit at will, and show me your edits! you're not required to, but i'd love to see them. If they are lore-friendly we may even adopt them!


Sprites by KZR

Michio is an original character of Jason Buividas and KZR. If no changes are made to the head, credit BOTH (REQUIRED), otherwise credit KZR.

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