Playground Mayhem Artwork

Playground Mayhem Artwork

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The artwork from my first ever Ludum Dare entry Playground Mayhem (lets hope there are many more).

I don't consider myself an 'artist' and I threw this together pretty quick and didn't have time to do any polish, but maybe it will be of use to someone.

One thing I did learn from LD though was if I could throw this art together quickly, I can learn to make good game art. My biggest worry for LD was the artwork, and I pulled it off much quicker than I expected.

I threw in the xcf files, in case they are of any use, but they are an unorganized mess TBH.

I also threw in a libgdx particle effect. In case you want to recreate faithfully, the particle used in the game is a 3x3 pure white cross. (The corner pixels were transparent).

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