Playground Mayhem (Ludum Dare 32 - An Unconventional Weapon)

Playground Mayhem (Ludum Dare 32 - An Unconventional Weapon)

Assets used in Playground Mayhem. Created for Ludum Dare 32 - An Unconventional Weapon.

I figured I might as well release the assets here, in case they are of use to someone.

This was my first attempt at Ludum Dare. I think the concept I chose was too difficult to implement in the given time. As a result I had 0 time to polish. 

I don't consider myself a very good artist, and with the time constraints I didn't spend a long time on the art. But maybe it will be of some use to someone. One of the things LD taught me though, is if I can create vaguely passable art in that kind of timeframe, I can learn.

The sound and music is likely to be of more use, so check that out.

Again, time was not on my side, so the music probably isn't as polished as it might be. If you really like the music and want to use it in your game, I still have the original files so I can create new mixes/remaster. Get in contact and maybe we can arrange something.