Ponytail and Plain hairstyles

Ponytail and Plain hairstyles

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LPC-style hairstyle(s), in both female ("ponytail") and male ("plain") variants. The female version adds side locks and a ponytail; other than that the two are very similar (on purpose; in my game you get to choose whether the main character is male or female). Both hairstyles are available in eight different colors: white-blonde, blonde, redhead, brunette, raven (black with blue highlights), green, blue, and pink.

The hair casts shadows on the ears and forehead. I put these shadows into separate images, so you can pick the shadow color that matches your character's skin tone: light (from the original LPC assets), tanned, tanned2, or dark.

The female hairstyle is based loosely on a combination of two of the original LPC sample female hairstyles by Manuel Riecke ("unkempt" and "ponytail" -- hence the reason I named my files "ponytail2").

Update, 11 Feb 2013: Two minor improvements:

  • I wasn't pleased with the back of the head in the left- and right-facing male poses; they used to look like the hair was pulled back in a ponytail, even though the male hair wasn't. I touched this up to look a bit better.
  • Added a darker blonde that looks better against a medium or dark background. The old, lighter blonde is now called "white-blonde".

Update, 3 Dec 2022: Added OGA-BY 3.0 license, to make this compatible with others' recent LPC enhancements.

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