Rock-Paper-Scissors LPC style

Rock-Paper-Scissors LPC style

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The tilesheet contains in-world items:
- rocks in quantities one, two, three, and many
- paper in quantities one, two, and many; three variations of non-pristine paper
- scissors in two variations
Furthermore it contains rock, paper, and sciccors inventory items in both 32x32 and 64x64.

The sprite sheet contains hand gestures for rock, paper, and scissors to be used instead of the second-but-last frame of the LPC slash animation (as seen in the second (animated) preview). It provides directions east and west (for north and south, the gestures would be hard to recognize) for five human skin colours, orc, and male skeleton.

[EDIT:] All art is dual-licensed under the GPL 3.0 and the CC-BY-SA 3.0. This means that you may chose which of the two licenses you want to apply to the respective file.

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The cast frames and the cast preview are based on work by Stephen Challener (slash animation and human bodies), Johannes Sjölund (recolours and skeleton), and Marcel van de Steeg (recolours and orc). The other preview uses art by Bart Kelsey, Charles Sanchez, Christopher Allan Webber, Daniel Armstrong, John Sullivan, Jonathan Palecek, Joshua Gay, Lanea Zimmerman, Manuel Riecke, Rob Hawkes, and Stephen Challener
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