RTS commands 2

RTS commands 2

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Hi again,

I said previously here: http://opengameart.org/content/rts-commands-and-reports that I would redo these with my voice. Its taken a while because (insert excuse here) but I've finally got round to doing them :)

I have to say I don't think they really convey any more emotion than the text-to-speach engine did but thats just me :D

once again there is my normal (if you can call it that) voice, then a deep version and this time I also included a higher pitch version but I don't think the high pitch will be as useful?!

anyway use them as you want and enjoy having a laugh at my expence, I know I did :P


P.S the download file has a lot more phrases the preview is just 3 phrases of about 30 in each voice

rts voice2.mp3 rts voice2.mp3 5 Mb [244 download(s)]