Sara 3D Model

Sara 3D Model

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This is is a 3D model of Sara the OpenGameArt Mascot. This resource is probably needs polishing before being used in a game right now. So here are some things you might want to know:

* The model uses no textures, instead it has four materials so everything is the right color. (She has no face)

* The model is 2148 faces/ 4098 tris

* Fully rigged poorly

* I plan on improoving it later but this was about the best I could do in time for the contest.

* Things colored aqua are seperate objects.

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This is a derived work of the original . There for "You must include a link to in your credits along with the author's name." The Author's name is Mandi Paugh. Additionally the hairpiece is based on this one so you probably need to credit p0ss too. That aside we're good here.
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