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This is a piece of strange odd bgm music for an Audio Dialog I made for my game.

For the 3 stupid Blue Aliens Scene at the Space Station. 


The Audio Dialog script that goes with this short strange tune


Here's the script to this tune:


Commander: Oh no, what are you three doing on board this station, the whole thing
is about to go down.  You need to escape quickly.

Blue Fat Alien #2:  Oh hello so its you again. 

Blue Fat Alien 1: Who are you?

Storm: It seems Commander that these aliens have very short term memories and have
forgotten us already.

Blue Fat Tall Alien #3: Don't you remember its our friend we saw at the space station bar when I was suffering from space sickness.  Yes we lost our warp core somewhere
on this station.  Will you help us find it?

Storm: What?  This is is absurd, we're in an emergency crisis right now and you lost
a whole warp core? 

Blue Fat Alien #3: We kinna misplaced it when we took it out of the engine,
it was there one minute, then gone the next.  We put it somewhere and lost it.

Storm: Oh no, Argh, that's what that old man said back in the gardens
when he was watering the flowers with no water in his gardening can.

Blue Fat Alien #1: We know nothing about a garden, is it a nice place?
Will you help us find our warp engine before the space station blows
up? We don't want to be left in trails of stardust.

Computer: WARNING: 38 Minutes until station integrity is compromised.  I'm not
kidding ya this time.  Oh no another relay has blown on me.




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