Skrjablin's background music collection summer 2014

Skrjablin's background music collection summer 2014

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Some music that I can't use for other purposes, provided as is

Public domain, but attribution is very appreciated -- either the tag skrjablin or my real name Martin Nilsson and/or a link to my page here on Or even if you don't want to attribute, perhaps send me a message about where you used the music, that would be fun to see. But since it's public domain, nothing of this is required!


being in the rain - a moody piano song for rainy levels or similar

c64 Doge song - Remix of an Adventure theme that I posted here earlier, aka the Stranded theme, but with a new chorus and much faster tempo

Confusement Rag, The Adventurer's Rag - two ragtimes on honkytonk piano. Even if some of the classical ragtimes are public domain in the US at least, this could still come handy for adventure game situations or similar

distinct - a weird/spooky/jazzy theme, perhaps useful as a title song

entrance - a stately theme song

entrance blues - a bluesy guitar theme

hmollackordet - a saxophone mood setting theme reminding somewhat of some of The Beatles' songs or similar

life goes on - a blues/rock'n'roll theme song

being_in_the_rain.mp3 being_in_the_rain.mp3 2.7 Mb [607 download(s)]
confusement_rag5.mp3 confusement_rag5.mp3 1.9 Mb [540 download(s)]
the_adventurers_rag.mp3 the_adventurers_rag.mp3 2.8 Mb [547 download(s)]
distinct2.mp3 distinct2.mp3 1.4 Mb [490 download(s)]
entrance_blues.mp3 entrance_blues.mp3 1.5 Mb [451 download(s)]
C64_Doge_Song_final.mp3 C64_Doge_Song_final.mp3 2.4 Mb [538 download(s)]
entrance_final.mp3 entrance_final.mp3 2.8 Mb [465 download(s)]
hmollackordet.mp3 hmollackordet.mp3 2 Mb [428 download(s)]
life_goes_on.mp3 life_goes_on.mp3 2.1 Mb [497 download(s)]