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This is roughly based on a few different smartphones on the market today, but not a direct copy of anything.  It comes in three colors: cobalt, olive, and cherry.  It has a simple logo on the back that I designed (I'm imagining that it's made by a company called Polaris Technologies or something), which comes in a glossy silver color and a matte brown color.  On another layer you'll find a black rubber bumper case.  I'm imagining the olive version with the matte logo and the rubber case as a sort of "tactical" version.

The front of the device has the earpiece, while the left side has the charging port and headphone jack, the right has the volume rocker, the top has the power button, and the back has a camera and flash.

The colorful cubes are included for demonstrating the reflective material.

The textures (one PNG file for each color: cherry, cobalt, and olive).

The general idea behind this piece is that perhaps it could be how a player accesses the in-game menu in a modern or near-future first-person shooter or puzzle/adventure game, in the style of James Bond's watch in Goldeneye 64.  Different icons on the screen could correspond to different menu actions or in-game commands, like accessing the character's inventory, quest log, map, save/load, camera (screenshot), and making calls or picking up transmissions.

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