Snow May Never End

Snow May Never End


An ambient-ish track. Made for PARPG.

[About v1] What I have so far I think fits the nuclear winter environment of PARPG pretty well, however keep in mind that it's far from the final version, as the mixing is pretty horrible still and I have to substitute the distorted guitar part (which you should immediately ignore) with something more decent; and there's more that has to be done, apart from the fact that the track is still pretty short and would totally break the mood if looped with something else.

[About v2] As the lazy bastard I am, it took a little more time than normally to do this. Anyway, here's the second WIP version, which I think will be (with some tweaks) the final version if you don't mind. I tried to make the mixing bearable for the ears, tell me if it isn't so. The arrangement is pretty much the final version - I might add some finishing touches here and there to stretch it a bit.

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