South-East Asian-inspired art by Luigi Castellani [Scarlet Heroes]

South-East Asian-inspired art by Luigi Castellani [Scarlet Heroes]

Luigi Castellani
(Submitted by Sanglorian)
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These South-East Asian-inspired artworks were created for the tabletop RPG Scarlet Heroes (from Sine Nomine Publishing). They are part of an art and map pack released into the public domain (and available for download from here).

This set is by Luigi Castellani and depicts:

  • An aswang, an elephant-monster cannibal
  • A spearman
  • A woman reading a scroll
  • A bearded man grabs a zombie by the head
  • An elven wizard
  • A female thief
  • A blank page
  • Two female warriors, one with a club and one with two knives
  • A blank scroll
  • Various treasures
  • Various potions and scrolls
  • The contents of a desk

The publisher writes:

The art contained in this art pack has been placed in the public domain. I have purchased full rights to each piece from the original artists and with their knowledge and blessing release these rights into the public domain, for you to use as you see fit in personal or commercial endeavors. Out of courtesy, however, I'd ask that you credit the artists if you use these images, and leave the artist's names in the filenames if you bundle them into other packages. You may also wish to leave this file in with them, just so that any future recipient has some specific details about how these files came to be released into the public domain.

Kevin Crawford
Sine Nomine Publishing
March 23, 2014

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