Space-themed turrets/devices/cruiser

Space-themed turrets/devices/cruiser

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Various 3D-models from the free arcade space-game Raider (available at ). Above image shows the cruiser model combined with two blaster turrets.

In contrast to the space-fighters pack available here at OGA as well, this file collects the less portable 3D assets, some of which have to be combined to be useful.

Included are

- various types of turrets

- a transport (in two variants) and a cruiser

- external hull modules (called devices) like sensor dishes, communication arrays and a generator

- miscellaneous stuff like space debris and a missile


All models are untextured since texturing was not necessary, instead the resulting 2D images were painted over by hand later. All were designed to have a very distinct shape from above.


Other Raider assets are available on OGA as well, including 2D ones that were derived from these models.

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We, the Raider development team, do hereby release these models under public domain but it would still be nice if you would drop a PM here on OGA if you use them, along with an image showing how you used these vessels.
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