Spacetune old school style

Spacetune old school style

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Not all my tunes are perfect because I used the computer's pc keyboard to record it live as I don't have a casio midi synth so just Use it as a base to create your own styles from or adjust it to your liking...   And let me know if you like it. 

I decided to release my tunes in Midi so that you guys can change the music to the high high quality stuff with your music software programs to shape the tune the way that you want or add the instruments you prefer so you can completely customize it rather than me do it in high quality mp3 and then you can't edit the instruments or change the notes once its been encoded. 

If you use soundfonts, some of the midi instruments may sound strange or weird.



spacetune1.mid spacetune1.mid 18.5 Kb [295 download(s)]