Tetine Elfe

Tetine Elfe

(Submitted by bart)
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I saw this a while ago and meant to upload it.  It's probably a bit too high-poly to be used in games as-is, but it's rigged and textured, and might be made into a game model with a little effort.  This is the text from the model's blendswap page:

Elfe v1.0 – by Tetine (CC-BY)
Other wip videos : http://vimeo.com/user5766342/videos

This is a character entirely done in Blender 2.55-56. She does have a name and you can call her Thal’ope
Its main purpose was to validate most of the stuff I have learned lately.
The rig is greatly inspired by ManCandy, Flick and various rigs by Kioppa

There should be a script in the blend, adding some controls in the Properties panel of the pose mode.
(Mainly Ik-Fk controls and layer hiding)

Layer 1 has the final model.
Layer 2 has a copy of the armature and model. You should animate this one and link the animation data to the full model armature.

It’s pretty rough around the edges, but I didn’t have the courage to go through all the little details…

Anyway, since this file doesn’t include sound, here are some not-in-the-video-subtitles (yeah, i didn’t feel like making some actual sound, shame on me):
Elfe : “Well, nice studio…”
Suspicious Movie Maker : “Thank you”
Elfe : “So, your movie has some nude shots, right?”
SMM : “Er… Actually no…”
Elfe : “WHAT!?”
*slap sound*
SMM: “Arg!”
Elfe : “Mff! Amateur…”

Thanks to the blender clan, for the script idea and for the feedback during the WIP.
Thanks to Wukong for sharing some rendering power (more than 50% actually)
Thanks to Bassam Kurdali for is ManCandy DVD
Thanks to Ndee of blenderartists.org for his character Flick
Thanks to Kioppa of blenderclan.tuxfamily.org for his various work on rigs

Don’t forget to bake dynamics, and use a recent build, since I’m using the latest patch regarding hair parting.
If you use this character or have some comments to share, you can always leave a comment on my deviantart account, vimeo account or at the blenderclan and show me what you did :)

Tetine_Elfe.blend Tetine_Elfe.blend 12.5 Mb [4208 download(s)]