The Adventures of Cendah (Full Soundtrack)

The Adventures of Cendah (Full Soundtrack)

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This is a 15 song soundtrack for a game called "The Adventures of Cendah" (released 2008). It's a top down RPG similar to zelda with graphics that resembled earlier 2d warcraft. This was the first game I ever composed for and it's fairly obvious that I was using all free virtual instruments and had little experience mixing audio. Since the developer of the game was trying to keep the game's file size down I had to render these at 64kbs. Unfortunately I do not have all the project files or the virtual instruments to go back and remix these properly and release them with 320kbs renders but I figured they souldn't go to waste on my hard drive if someone would like to use them. 

If you're curious about the game itself: feel free to check it out to see how the tracks were originally used.

Cheers :D

The Adventures of The Adventures of 12.7 Mb [246 download(s)]