The Landlord Game

The Landlord Game

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This is my birthday present to the world.


The Landlord Game is my attempt to free the Board game Monopoly. The Patent on the game (and it precessors like "The Landlord's Game") has long since expired. However the length of the copyright means that the owner still has a firm control over how people can gain access to this classic game. To fix this problem I decided to create a new board and assorted cards free from all of the IP issues. My board design is inspired by both the orginal patent designs for both Monoply and The Landlord's Game. Using Only Black and White to be sure that it can be printed and used by as many people as possible. Throw in a dash of the modern/older ages and we are almost there. There are a few difference between Monoply and The Landlord Game.


The differences:

The game is designed to be accessible to players of all ages and skill level. I way I do this is using multiples the easiest skill is 1x this is designed for the youngest players. What I call the Normal level is 11x this should provide a typical players a great game. The last is called Big Money and it multiple is 103x and should provide a longer harder game. This multiple is represented on the board and cards as x. i.e. "City Tax - Pay $7x" at 1x/11x/103x the amounts are $7/$77/$721. Of course you are free to use any other multiple you want.


INCLUDED with Source:

Board (Tabloid Size)

Lost & Found and The Post Cards


Properties Cards



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Joshua L. Blocher
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