UI buttons from my own project or Ruby Buttons 1.

UI buttons from my own project or Ruby Buttons 1.

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These are some circular buttons for use in the GUI of a GPL isometric RPG I am making. This is the first in a long line of opengameart submissions. Lots of isometric tiles, sprites and UI elements are on the way, but right now this is a first set of buttons that are 100% done.

Included herein are some buttons with intended original purposes as described in their titles. May not fit for everything. More to follow along with the gradual development and revealing of the project.

Preview is only a few examples. More in the zip.

Everything related to this project is free, as in GPL and will not be relicensed. This is non-negotiable.

EDIT: Uploaded another file and took down the old zip. The new zip contains all the files present in the original plus some others. Some of these are dodgier failed attempts and others are improved IMO. Also included in the new file is a .xcf (to be thought of as "source" under the terms of the GPL) used to make them, which should demonstrate how more can be made easily by anyone else.

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To be attributed to ForeverDarkWoods under the terms and conditions listed in the GPL (the origins must not be misrepresented).
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